In an epic battle to free clients from the destructive clutches of the meddling middleman, two creative forces, Heather Miller-Reimels and Jenn Allocco rose up to challenge big agency world domination.

Clients loved working directly with Heather and Jenn, the talent behind all their creative campaigns, not through sales managers. However, the pesky middlemen weren’t about to let that happen. So, Heather and Jenn prepared for battle.

Well-rounded talent? Check. Lots of diverse experience? Check. Mega doses of charm and corny jokes? Double check. The ability to over-deliver and outperform…Triple Check.

The combining force was the perfect duo for clients looking to have their training and marketing communications rescued from the so-so to the POW-BAM. So, they packed up their things and started a new Hybrid adventure; a Hybrid Interactive adventure to be exact.

 At Hybrid Interactive, HI for short, Heather & Jenn cut out the middleman from the creative process. Not literally cause that would be really icky. But in the way that lets clients get up close and personal to share their challenges directly with the creative talents (aka THEM!) The dynamic mix of client expertise and skilled creativity creates a Hybrid experience that conquers the most perplexing communication challenges.
And in case you’re asking, yes, Hybrid Interactive is a certified woman-owned business. Every day Heather and Jenn bring their mix of creative powers with lots of caffeine and estrogen to free your audience, staff or membership from the mundane communications, campaigns and strategies; making you look like the hero in the process.


When Heather isn’t too busy quoting movies, cracking jokes or looking for something to snack on, she is responsible for developing new client relationships, crystallizing innovative creative solutions, developing projects and video productions.

Starting out in local television, Heather got her hands around every piece of equipment, every script and worked every position like a good rookie should.

Eager to expand her arsenal of professional skills, Heather worked with several corporate communications companies, excelling at multi-media project management, formulating creative solutions, managing in-house creative teams and fostering a large network of external resources to help with project fulfillment. Proving the point that a bachelor degree in communication is valuable after all, Heather will always find a way to get a project completed on time and on budget while ensuring it’s a creative masterpiece! (insert evil laugh)



Creative intuition to help guide your vision

Sonic Hearing

Active listening during every conversation


Proactive to prevent potential problems


Jenn is like the mad scientist of Hybrid Interactive. She brings the creative concepts to life by jolting them through every medium; from print, web, video, and live productions through mobile applications.

Jenn started her career more than 15 years ago working for a medical publications company designing magazines. She merged her print experience into the interactive design world of multimedia formats including 2D/3D graphics, websites and mobile applications.

As art director for the Turn 2 Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Derek Jeter, captain of the New York Yankees Jenn creates branding for various fundraising events to help highlight the Foundation goals and objectives. She says, GO YANKEES! all the time, but don’t hold that against her.

If true confessions of a geek-at-heart were a TV show, Jenn would have a staring roll because she actually stays up late at night learning about the latest software & technology in the design industry.


Super Speed

Promptness and precision are incorporated into every project


Multitasking all moving parts that come with project fulfillment

Temporal Phase Manipulation

Time management that keeps deadlines intact

Together, Heather and Jenn bring their combined experience of project development services with companies, such as MARS Corporation, Goldman Sachs, Subaru, Verizon, Leo Pharmaceuticals, Turn 2 Foundation, and Delta Phi Epsilon International Sorority.
When you need a communication team to come to the rescue and invigorate your training material, marketing campaigns and strategies, all you have to do is say HI. Heather & Jenn will stand by your side, champion your projects and will even let you wear their capes.